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Nothing weighs more heavily on a personís mind than understanding who they are and why they exist. We feel so different than everyone else. No matter how intimate our relationships with others might appear outwardly, inwardly, we feel isolated and misunderstood. This creates a lone and dreary experience.

What if we came to understand our self better than anyone else did?

What if we came to realize that each of us is the most important person that exists?

What if we had the following answers to questions that have been hidden since the foundation of the world:

Who put us upon Earth and how did they do it, if anyone did?

When did the first humans appear upon Earth and where did they live?

How were they created?

And most importantly, WHY do we exist?

The obvious and simplest answer is usually the correct one:

Humans are the most highly advanced life form possible, of any environment, in any dimension. What we perceive as life upon Earth is simply a mortal, cognitive experience playing out in the mind of our individual higher self.

Not knowing the answers creates a feeling of loneliness, which adds to a dreary experience.

This book gives these answers and more.



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