The Importance of the LDS Religion—Parallels Between the LDS/Mormons and the Ancient Jews

QUESTION: What is so important about the LDS Church in regards to this work, if the LDS/Mormons are not true, and this work is?

Why is so much written about the LDS Church when there are so many other faiths, religions, and belief systems in the world?

ANSWER: (From Christopher)

One can read about the importance below or download the PDF file of the same information: JEWISH & LDS PARALLELS


Important Parallels between the Ancient Jewish Religion at Jerusalem, Israel
and the Modern LDS/Mormon Religion at Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


As people discover this “Marvelous Work And A Wonder®,” they will become aware of many important parallels that exist between the ancient Jewish religion at Jerusalem at the time of Christ and the modern LDS religion at Salt Lake City, Utah.

The obvious similarity between these two religions is one of the most conclusive pieces of empirical evidence that proves that this Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is what it claims to be. The comparisons are uncanny, as the compilation below demonstrates.

Our creators, who are no respecter of persons, intervene into our lives upon this earth ONLY when their intervention affects all of us equally. THEY NEVER DO ANYTHING UPON THIS EARTH THAT SETS ONE PERSON ABOVE ANOTHER or CREATES A SITUATION OF UNFAIRNESS or PARTIALITY—NEVER! These advanced humans (those responsible for our creation and the creation of our solar system) usually have nothing to do with the formation of religion, myths, creeds, beliefs, faiths, or any other human thought process that attempts to answer the many questions human beings consider concerning their existence. The true purpose for this life, even all the aspects of human existence, is explained logically and scientifically (science being the study of the physical and natural world and phenomena, especially by using systematic observation and experiment.) In Human Reality—Who We Are and Why We Exist!, this book negates all known religions, sciences, philosophies, hypothesis, theories, conjectures and reasoning, which are made up in the minds of the human beings who exist upon this earth. The publication of this book is one of the principal ways that our creators are intervening upon this earth to help those who are searching for truth, find true reality.

There is a wise purpose for the similarities that have developed between the ancient Jewish and modern LDS faiths. The Jewish faith is one of the most powerful and life-changing systems of thought ever invented by humankind. In ancient times (though it certainly wasn’t the only religious belief), its influence affected human life upon this earth more than any other. From Jewish belief came the tenets of Christianity and Islam, which two religious beliefs are currently the cause of most of the social problems we face in the world today.

The Jewish, Christian, and Islamic people’s belief in a monotheistic God is the reason for their rationale, which is the cause of human prejudice, bigotry, pride, separation, and inequality. The duality they present in their religious beliefs causes the majority of humans to believe that there is a God in heaven, who represents good, and a Satan in hell, who represents evil. This dualism has created a concept of God battling Satan for the souls of all human kind. The battle does not contain itself, as it should, in the vacuum of religious belief and thought, but spills out into our human society in real and literal wars that produce carnage, hate, and discord and are responsible for most human misery.

Each religion has its own God who has established rules, morals, and strict observances for its followers. All others, who do not subscribe or subject their heart and mind to this “God” and his way, are considered “of the devil.” According to these religions, those who “follow the devil and his ways” must be stopped! The followers of dualism are convinced that any action that “fights the devil” is condoned of God. Thus, the Jews fight the Muslims, the Muslims fight the Christians, and the Christians fight everyone else.

There are no such battles in the advanced human societies found throughout our Universe. The people who live in these societies have learned the foolishness of dualism, since its purpose does not attain the goal of the human soul. This goal is to be happy! What happiness can be found in fearing a God or a Satan? What happiness can be found in hating one’s enemy (or even having an enemy for that matter) or wishing ill, in any form, upon another human being? What happiness comes from believing that another person is “sinning” when they do not submit to ONE particular God?

The advanced human beings responsible for our world allow the development and propagation of any and all thoughts generated by the free will of humankind. They let us worship or not worship a god according to the dictates of our own conscience. We are allowed to worship how, where, or what we may. None of us are condemned for how or whom we worship. They do not condemn the Jew, the Muslim, the Christian, or any other spiritual or religious belief system established by the free will of human nature. In fact, they want us to experience different perceptions and ideas so that we can learn what they already know. These advanced beings know that the only attitude that will create consistent and lasting happiness in a society of free willed human beings is all of us accepting that we are equal. We must accept that our personal God is our “personal God” and every one of us has a protected right to this personal God! This “God” being our personal view and perception of who we are, why we exist, and what relationship we have with the Universe in which we exist.

To help us learn this lesson, our creators intervened in order to create a time-based parallel between two human-created ideologies; thus prominently demonstrating the misery that these human-invented philosophies of thought and action cause. By causing one to mirror the other (though during completely different time periods during Earth’s history), we will be able to see that human nature does not change, no matter how much “civilization” or understanding of our world we establish for ourselves. They want to provide an opportunity to help us learn what they (our creators/advanced humans) understand about unconditional free will and the rights of all human beings. They want us to realize that certain controls must be maintained over us in order to assure our happiness. In order to do this without taking away our free agency, they “inspire” certain human beings to do specific things, which lead to the end they desire for us. This end is to experience the difference between what they know and what we do not—the difference between human actions that cause us misery and those that cause us joy and happiness.

These advanced beings had nothing to do with the establishment of the Jewish religion—NOTHING WHATSOEVER! This religion is based on two basic components: Jews are right and everyone else is wrong. Their belief maintains that the only true God chose them above all other human societies to establish the right way for all human beings. They believe that without their system of belief, no person will ever be saved in the kingdom of God after one has died. At one time, their powerful belief system controlled a major part of the world; not because of the number of their people, for there were few in comparison to other cultures, but because of the gold, silver, and other treasures of the earth that they had accumulated. Their kings had the gold and silver to buy up armies and hire soldiers to protect their interests. Human nature will show that where the greatest riches are, the greatest power is retained. Because of their “treasures of the earth,” other nations with more people and stronger armies lusted after what they had and eventually destroyed their society. The destruction of their material things never took away their belief that they were the chosen people of God. They just figured they were doing things that God didn’t like, so God was punishing them.

We have learned two important things from Jewish history: 1) Money brings power; and, 2) self-righteousness and the feeling of being “chosen of God” creates tremendous misery. Throughout their history, their cities, communities, and homes were destroyed because of one of these two things. Other nations wanted their “treasures of the earth”; or the “Gentiles” (as the Jews referred to anyone who did not accept their faith) were tired of their arrogance, and, by the use of force, proved that their God was not much of a great protector of “His People.”

The first part of our creators’ intervention was to send a Christ (an anointed one) to the earth to attempt to teach the people of the earth how to live together in peace and harmony like the advanced societies of humans do. It wasn’t a difficult choice where to send this Christ. He was sent to the human beings who were the most arrogant and the most prideful, even those who believed they were “chosen of God.”

This Christ’s message was diametrically opposed to their belief system. The basis of his message was that there existed other, more advanced human beings in other parts of the Universe who knew how to live in peace and harmony with each other. However, he did not talk of “aliens” nor could he explain the advanced technologies of these advanced human worlds. He taught them by using what they already believed. He taught them in parables. He called the advanced human beings who had arranged for his life upon Earth, “God, the Father.” He called the advanced human societies that exist in other solar systems and galaxies (something no one on Earth at that time could possibly understand) the “kingdom of God in heaven.” He taught them that the true way to peace was in seeking the things of “God,” rather than seeking after the things of this world. He taught them that “God the Father” treats everyone equally in the “kingdom of God.” He taught them that there is no poverty or inequality in a perfect human society (i.e., the kingdom of God).

The most controversial thing that he taught, though, was that there is no religion in “heaven.” There are no leaders, only servants who serve the needs of all people equally. He taught the Jews that a “Good Samaritan” is more worthy in the eyes of “God” than a self-righteous Jew. The Jews hated the Samarians. To the Jews, a Samaritan was following “the devil.” Christ taught that a beggar was more likely to enter the “kingdom of God” and find happiness than one who was rich and fared well in this life. The basis for all of his teachings was doing unto others what you would want them to do unto you.

The advanced humans who arranged (asexually with their advanced means of in vitro fertilization, thus the “virgin birth”) for this “Christ” to be born, made sure that his birth and life, even his NAME, coincided with Jewish history, their traditions, myths and stories. According to their history, a man called Moses led the people to the “promised land.” But neither Moses nor those he led to the “promised land” were able to enter into this land. Their God wouldn’t let them! The person who finally led them into the “promised land” was a man named “Joshua.” As their history states, Moses established the tenets, rules, ordinances, and system of belief that guided the people. Since none of those who “followed Moses” entered the “promised land,” what use was the system of belief Moses established? With ingenious intent (and a perfected sense of human humor), those responsible for this “Christ’s” birth inspired his parents to name him “Yeshua”—“Joshua” in English, “Jesus” in Christian history.

Jesus (Joshua) taught the people that he was the one who would lead them into the “promised land.” He tried to teach them the real truth about the advanced beings, the advanced worlds, and the fallacy of Jewish myth and tradition; but the people would not listen. He taught his friends in private what he would not reveal to the people in public, unless he related the real truth to the people’s beliefs. The way he did this was through “parables.” Eventually, those who had everything to lose if his teachings were true—the Jews—killed him. This is because his teachings, if accepted by the majority of the people, would dissolve their religion and beliefs.

But before he left, he was successful in reaching a few (though very few) people who didn’t acquiesce to his murder. He left them a message of hope that one day the advanced humans who were responsible for this world would send him again to the earth, but this time with the power and “glory” of an advanced human culture. With this advanced knowledge, he would straighten out the world and all of its problems.

He explained that before he was to come again, he would give the people of the latter days a chance to accept or reject his message. He explained that not everyone on the earth had the same opportunity to hear his voice and his message. Not everyone was given the chance to know all the “mysteries of God” (the real truth). He explained to his followers that one day humankind would advance far enough in knowledge and technology that they would be better able to receive the “mysteries of God.” He explained that this was necessary since it was impossible for the people of the earth to accept him and his message when the explanations he gave of real truth were beyond their imagination or ability to reasonably understand them. He promised that the same message would be given in the same way to the people of the earth during a time when there would be no excuse for not understanding the “mysteries of God.”

Based on these promises made by Christ, advanced beings inspired the formation of a political nation (the United States) similar to the Roman nation of Christ’s time. They caused the formation of a religion very similar to the Jewish religion that existed in that time. They arranged for one “like unto Moses,” who could never lead the people to the “promised land,” nor ever see it or enter therein himself, to do exactly what Moses did. Under this man’s (Joseph Smith's) direction, a completely new religion was formed. It had all the same components of the “Mosaic Law” set up for the Jews. Although the advanced beings had nothing to do with the first example of an extreme religious belief that did nothing but cause contention and discord among the human race, THEY WERE COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE for the last one that would ever exist upon the earth before Christ came again to eliminate ALL religions and false beliefs. They made sure that the last paralleled, in almost every way, the first; that the first may be last and the last may be first.

They established, in these last days, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), which is protected by the United States of America, the most powerful and richest nation upon Earth.

Consider the parallels they used:



1. Both groups are geographically located in desert areas with their principal cities situated near inland seas of stenchful salt water: the Jews in Jerusalem, Israel, near the Dead Sea; the LDS/Mormons in Salt Lake City, Utah, near the Great Salt Lake.

2. Near Jerusalem, the freshwater Jordan River flows from the ancient Sea of Galilee (n/k/a Lake Tiberius) to the Dead Sea. Near Salt Lake City, the freshwater Jordan River flows from Utah Lake to the Great Salt Lake. (By way of incidental comparison, the total distance measured between opposite ends of the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea is approximately 131 miles; likewise, the total distance measured between opposite ends of Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake is approximately 131 miles.)

3. Both the Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lake consist of brackish, odoriferous brine water with neither body having a natural outlet; i.e., Endorheic basin.

a. In Israel, magnesium chloride is produced primarily from Dead Sea brine;

b. In North America, magnesium chloride is produced primarily from Great Salt Lake brine, using a similar process;

c. Both endorheic bodies of water have approximately the same salinity.

4. The regions of Jerusalem and Salt Lake City are both bordered by mountains and desert lands, where the Jews and the LDS/Mormons, respectively, thrived in the “wilderness and the solitary place” with ample water.

5. In the land of Moab, the Jews had Mount Nebo, with Olympia in neighboring Greece. In the land of Utah, the LDS/Mormons have Mount Olympus near Salt Lake City, with Mount Nebo in neighboring Juab County, and the “land of Moab” (City) in Grand County.

6. Both regions have similar geographical names: Canaan, Jerusalem, Jordan (River/Valley), Kolob (Canyon), Moab, (Mount) Gog, (Mount) Magog, Mount Olivet (Reservoir/Cemetery), Mount Pisgah, Mount Nebo, Salem, and Zion (National Park) as examples.

7. The Jews in the “Holy Land” have the Dome of the Rock; the LDS/Mormons in “This is the Place” (SLC) have the Dome of the Tabernacle on Temple Square.

8. Both Jerusalem and Salt Lake City are located in valleys near geological fault systems that are situated within larger, arid basins.

9. The LDS/Mormons have constructed a movie set (2011) near Goshen, located in southern Utah County, that depicts the Old Jerusalem; the stated purpose of which is to shoot stock footage for future movies owing to the proclaimed fact that “it has striking similarities to the Holy Land.”

10. Copper, gold, and silver were mined and smelted in the region of Jerusalem and also in the region of the ancient Nephites and Lamanites in America. Copper, gold, and silver are presently mined and smelted in the region of Salt Lake City.

11. Both groups were/are located within the boundaries of the political superpowers of their day—the Jews among the ancient Roman Empire, and the LDS/Mormons among the present United States: often referred to as the modern Roman Empire.

12. Both groups have raised their own armies at times to defend their boundaries and their God; the Jews, for example, against the Egyptians, and the LDS/Mormons against the United States during the administration of James Buchanan.



13. Both Jews and LDS/Mormons share a common belief in their origins stemming from Adam, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and believe that they are genealogically linked to Abraham, the assumed father and founder of the Jewish faith.

14. Both religions base their authority on ancient revealed prophecy.

15. Both religions were founded by prophets called of God; the ancient House of Israel (the Jews—the first) by Moses, and the modern Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons—the last) by Joseph Smith. Both religions have immortalized these two men as sacred and principal prophets and sing songs of praise and adoration to them.

16. Both religions accept the Old Testament of the Bible (written by the Jews) as the “word of God.” The LDS people have their own book (the Doctrine and Covenants) outlining the ordinances and instructions for their religion similar to that of the Torah; i.e., the books of Moses. The Jews believe that Moses wrote the books, and the LDS believe that Joseph Smith wrote the Doctrine and Covenants. Historical research has proven that neither was responsible for the final content of their respective books.

17. Both groups suffered religious persecution and were forced to wander in the wilderness in an exodus before reaching their respective “promised land.” Both groups consider their land “promised” by God, or the “land of Zion”; i.e., the “Holy Land” of the Jews (the modern location of Israel), and “This is the Place” of the LDS/Mormons, so called by them.

18. Both religions established churches and priesthoods with hierarchies in order to lead the people in doctrine and precepts by their worldly priests, prophets, seers, scribes, General Authorities, Pharisees and Sadducees, with each group being subsequently protected by the Roman and United States governments, respectively.

19. Both religions consider their leaders to be “mouthpieces of God.”

20. Both religions rejected the “Higher Laws” of God and were given instead a “Lower Law” of assemblies, baptisms, commandments, covenants, doctrines, endowments, laws, marriages, offerings, ordinances, precepts, priesthoods (higher and lower), principles, rituals, Sabbaths, sacraments, sacrifices, teachings, tithings and other customs, practices, and traditions of men.

21. Both religions deny their respective priesthoods to women.

22. Both religions deem themselves to be “the children of Israel.”

23. Both religions deem themselves to be “the Lord’s sheep.”

24. Both Jews and LDS/Mormons have set themselves up above and apart from all other people:

a. The Jews consider themselves to be the chosen people of God;

For thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God, and the Lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth. (Deut. 14:2)

b. The LDS/Mormons consider themselves to be members of the only true church on Earth;

...and to bring it forth out of obscurity and out of darkness, the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth, …(D&C 1:30)

c. Both groups consider all others not of their particular faith to be “Gentiles;”

And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, ... (Isaiah 62:2)

And it shall come to pass that there shall be a great work in the land, even among the Gentiles, for their folly and their abominations shall be made manifest in the eyes of all people. (D&C 35:7)

25. Both Jews and LDS/Mormons emphasize their ancestral roots and genealogies.

26. Both religions gather/ed companies of young men for training in the ministry. (Anciently, the schools of the Sons of the Prophets; and modernly known as the Missionary Training Centers (MTC).

27. Stone temples serve as a religious symbol for both Jews and LDS/Mormons, and each was overseen and built under the direction of powerful authoritarians:

a. The temple at Jerusalem, built under the authority of King Herod, required 40 years to complete;

b. The temple at Salt Lake City, built under the authority of Brigham Young, required 40 years to complete;

c. Both temples utilized similar architecture; i.e., foundations of large stones cut from nearby mountains; exterior walls surrounding their grounds having gates at the four principal directions; main doors face east; courtyards for visitors (“Gentiles”); and each contained a “Holy of Holies,” altars, ornate decorations, and other similarities.

28. Both groups have suffered their temples to be destroyed by their enemies;

a. The temple at Jerusalem was destroyed by marauders at the time and their High Priests were murdered;

b. The LDS/Mormon temple at Nauvoo was destroyed by marauders at the time the mobs murdered the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum in cold blood.

29. Both groups have rebuilt their destroyed temples in the past and intend to build new temples in the future;

a. After the Temple of Solomon at Jerusalem was destroyed by marauders, another was constructed at that same location many years later by the Jews during the reign of King Herod, which was subsequently destroyed by the Romans despite the Jews being a religious protectorate within the Roman Empire.  The Jews continue to look towards constructing their temple for a third time at that same location;

b. After the LDS/Mormon temple at Nauvoo, Illinois (USA) was destroyed by marauders, despite the LDS/Mormons being a religious protectorate within the United States, a subsequent rebuilding of that structure was attempted but thwarted when it was destroyed again in 1850 by a tornado.  A third construction of that temple was successfully completed at that same location many years later (2002) by the LDS Church.

c. The Jews do not currently (2012) own or control the land where the ancient Temple of Solomon is said will be constructed in Jerusalem in the last days;

i. the site where the “Dome of the Rock (Temple Mount) exists is presently contained within a gold-domed Islamic shrine called the “Mosque of Omar”;

ii. the adjacent land is divided and controlled among three separate religious factions: Jews, Muslims, and Christians;

iii. the destroyed Herodian temple and its walled courtyard originally contained approximately 35.6 acres.

d. The LDS/Mormons do not currently (2012) own or control the land where their “New Jerusalem Temple” is said will be constructed in Jackson County, Missouri (USA) in the last days;

i. the site where the two cornerstones for that temple were laid by Joseph Smith, Jr., in 1831 (NE & SE corners) is presently owned and controlled by the Church of Christ (Temple Lot); i.e., the “Temple Lot Church;”

ii. the adjacent land of the “greater temple lot” is controlled by three separate factions stemming from early Mormonism: Temple Lot Church (2.5 acres), Community of Christ (f/k/a RLDS Church; about 40.77 acres), and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon; “nearly 20 acres”), as the original undivided plat contained 63.27 acres in all, as purchased on 19 December 1831 by Edward Partridge for the total sum of $130;

iii. the Community of Christ has constructed a temple on its own portion of the “greater temple lot” having a 300-foot stainless-steel “Nautilus” spire.

e. Both Jews and LDS/Mormons believe their ostentatious temples must be constructed before Christ comes, as it is believed he will appear in “his holy temple” at that time; i.e., the “Second Coming” in the case of the LDS/Mormons, and the “coming of the Messiah” in the case of the Jews.

30.  Both groups believe that their temples and the ordinances performed therein are essential for personal salvation, having a number of things in common:

a. under the Law of Moses, the Jews incorporated ritualistic blood sacrifices; under the law of Brigham Young, the LDS/Mormons incorporated ritualistic blood oaths; in modern times, blood rituals have formally been abandoned;

b. tithes, offerings, and other burdensome requirements are mandatory in order to participate in temple rituals;

c. special clothing and coverings are an essential part of religious beliefs and ordinances;

d. temple ceremonies are performed in secret and include ritual washings, being given a new name, and similar signs and tokens (i.e., the nail in the sure place: At the “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem, thousands of nails are pounded in, thus displaying the practice of bringing one’s sins, grief, or tragedies of life to the temple wall and “nailing” them in a sure place). The temple ritual is also performed for others vicariously in both cases;

e. similar names are used in relation to both: holy of holies, prayer lists, temple mount, foundation stone, gates at the temple, temple square.

f. the original meanings of their rituals and ordinances have been lost.

31. Both religions place great emphasis on the family unit, which has traditionally been valued as an essential part of their core beliefs. As a result, they:

a. consider the family to be the basic unit of society;

b. discourage marriage outside of their respective belief systems;

c. discourage their children from associating with other children who are not of their respective beliefs;

d. generally view those outside of their respective communities, religions, and families as “unwashed” and “unclean,” whom they pridefully classify as “Gentiles,” or those they believe will become eternal servants of the “chosen ones” who remain faithful to their traditional religious beliefs;

e. believe in polygamy (compare Gen. 25:6; 2 Sam. 5:13; Dan. 5:3; with D&C 132:1, 6, 32–39);

f. openly judge, condemn, and actively persecute the homosexual community while failing to comprehend that two of Christ’s beloved disciples were homosexual (Acts 15:36–39), as Moroni clarifies and explains in The Sealed Portion (TSP 39:72–95);

g. pass their beliefs, values, knowledge, skills, and traditions on through the established family unit; and

h. both groups currently suffer from lopsided gender ratios with eligible single women outnumbering their male counterparts by substantial margins.

32. The Jews have their temples and synagogues (churches); the LDS/Mormons have their temples and churches (synagogues), believing their buildings are essential to worship God.

33. Both groups incorporate dietary rules, establish boundaries and borders between members and non-members, and observe a “Sabbath” one day a week.

34. Both religions place emphasis on the so-called “law of witnesses” as an esoteric proclaimed law.

35. Salt Lake City is sometimes referred to as a “New Jerusalem.”



36. Both Jews and LDS/Mormons, together with their fathers, were shepherds. The husbandry of sheep in Utah continues to be a leading economic factor today.

And Pharaoh said unto his brethren, What is your occupation? And they said unto Pharaoh, Thy servants are shepherds, both we, and also our fathers. (Genesis 47:3)

37. Both groups have great religious and political influence in their respective cities, states, and countries, as well as worldwide.

38. Both groups have an insatiable desire for money and material wealth:

a. The Jews denied God by worshipping their golden calf according to their own scriptures (Exodus 32);

b. The LDS/Mormons deny God by worshipping gold in any form, using it to adorn their buildings and themselves even according to their own scriptures (Mormon 8:33–41).

39. Both factions place a high value on education and intellectual accomplishment. In both cases, study and higher learning are considered not only valuable, but imperative. Scholars, teachers, and leaders of education and study are prevalent among both.

40. The leaders of both Jews and LDS/Mormons live in luxury and opulence and occupy the chief seats in their respective temples, tabernacles, synagogues, churches, and spacious buildings.



41. Both Jews and LDS/Mormons excommunicate those who disagree with their leaders. The Jews “deliver you up to the councils,”

But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues; (Matthew 10:17),

and the LDS hold an excommunication court hearing in front of a Bishop, if a woman, or a Stake Presidency and 12 High Priests, if a man.

42. In both religions, friends and family members often condemn, persecute, alienate, or ostracize those who are excommunicated or espouse a different belief system.

And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death. ...And a man's foes shall be they of his own household. (Matthew 10:21, 36)

43. In both religions, even if a person disagrees with church leaders and authority, they do not say anything, for fear of excommunication or being rejected by the groupthink prevalent in these faiths:

These words spake his parents, because they feared the Jews: for the Jews had agreed already, that if any man did confess that he was Christ, he should be put out of the synagogue. …Nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him; but because of the Pharisees they did not confess him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue: (John 9:22; 12:42)

44. Most members of these faiths would rather remain in good standing and be seen as praiseworthy members than question doctrine or authority:

For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God. (John 12:43)



There are those upon the earth today who swear that if they had lived in the time of Christ they would have accepted him and his message, listened to him, and would have not been a party, directly or indirectly, to his death. Many believe that they are leading “righteous” lives, some believing that they have been chosen by God to deliver a message to the people of the earth. They believe that, if given the chance to have the “mysteries of God” revealed to them in their fullness—without parable, allegory, or hidden in metaphor—they would accept these mysteries and understand them. Many people today believe that they are better than the Jews were.

Our creators took an active role in setting up the parallels between the attitudes and beliefs of the people at the time of Christ and those of today, in order to prove to the people of the world that they are not as good as they think. They are not better or worse than their ancestors. These people will learn that if Christ were among them today, they would reject him and his message like those of old did.

Consider this continued parallel:

45. “Christ” was born of Jewish ancestry and raised as a Jew. He rejected the religion of his birth, lost his family and friends, and began his ministry among the Jews about 200 years after the Roman Empire declared and won its independence from other controlling nations. Christopher (meaning “the bearer of Christ”) was born of LDS ancestry and raised as an LDS/Mormon. Christopher rejected the religion of his birth, lost family and friends, and began his ministry about 200 years after the United States declared and won its independence from Britain.

46. Both Christ and Christopher teach the exact same message. Both of them know the mysteries of God in full. Both are called the same names by their enemies. Both can confound anyone attempting to argue their points of doctrine. Both cause families to be torn apart because of the “sword” of truth they wield. Both are similar in appearance. HOWEVER, Christopher is NOT Christ, nor does he claim to be. He is fulfilling a similar role as John the Baptist performed in order to prepare the people for the coming of the true Christ.

47. Christopher is received with the same hate and trepidation by the LDS leaders and people with which Christ was met by the Jewish leaders during his ministry.

In sum, the problems caused by the Jews will one day be overshadowed by the problems caused by the LDS people. What most do not realize is how powerful the LDS Church has become behind the scenes because of the prestige, power, and money of its members. So, to discount the LDS Church in reference to our current world, would be like discounting the Jews at the time of Christ. While the LDS people are in their temples saving their dead, on missions preaching their gospel, and in church perfecting themselves, “the Lord” is walking around in all parts of the world hungry, naked, homeless, sick and imprisoned as the “least among” us. Like the Jews of old, the LDS members can follow their leaders all they want, the blind leading the blind, until both fall into a ditch!

This Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is for all the people of the earth. It will establish a firm foundation of real truth unlike anything ever produced by any mortal. It will speak to the Jew/LDS (those who believe in a God/Higher Power) and Gentile (the skeptics and atheists) alike, with equal power and authority. It will allow all the people of the world the same access to the real truth, so that if they so desire, the truth can set them free!

And with equal parallel, this Marvelous Work will be rejected by the people who choose to remain steadfast in their personal belief that they “know the truth already,” as they believe it is given to them in their accepted scriptures and preached to them from the pulpits; where modern-day Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, and Priests honor Christ with their lips, but their hearts are far from him.

Neither the Jews nor the LDS people know the truth. They have both rejected it when it was presented to them in a similar manner. And when the advanced humans from other planets visit this earth, both the Jews and LDS alike, as well as the rest of those who believe in the vain and foolish imaginations invented in the minds and hearts of humankind, will have no choice but to proclaim,

“What have I done? What have I done? Dear God, what have I done? How could I have been so deceived by my own mind and heart, and the words of others who knew nothing of the real truth?

At that day, these advanced beings will reveal to those on this earth all of the ways that they have intervened into our lives throughout the history of the world. We will understand why they did what they did. We will understand that they were only trying to teach us a profound lesson about human nature:

“Left to ourselves, we would destroy each other. Thank God we have a Christ to rule and reign over us!”

Without the parallels of history, we would never be able to admit this!

(NOTE: If you are aware of other similarities that should be included in this list of "Parallels," you are invited to submit them and the list will continue to be expanded as the submissions are authenticated and published. Send your submissions to admin@marvelousworkandawonder.com. The list will remain an official part of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® website in order to help present the real truth in every way possible, thereby taking away many of the stumbling blocks and allowing both “Jew and Gentile” the opportunity to know the mysteries of God in their fullness.)

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